Parent Coaching

“You can learn many things from children.
How much patience you have, for instance.”

― Franklin P. Jones


Tired of the Tantrums and Meltdowns?

We know parenting can be more than a little challenging. Overwhelm is real, especially in our modern-day lives filled with the constant go-go-go. Many parents feel overscheduled, exhausted, and disconnected. Parents often tell me they feel like they’re failing and feel unsupported. Trying to navigate schedules, work, relationships, and everything that goes along with parenting can be daunting. So, how can you “have it all” while still being a loving and nurturing mom or dad?

Well first, it’s important to learn and acknowledge your parenting style and what’s getting in your way – whether it’s learned behaviors from your upbringing, lack of skills, or a difference in parenting views from your partner. Often our parenting styles are a product of how we were raised, and sometimes we have some “unlearning” to do.

We offer a unique, judgement-free, and confidential parent coaching approach that can help you parent at your best – even when things are at their worst. We will give you practical, evidenced-based strategies and teach you how and when to apply them, so you’ll know how to mediate the next big melt-down at home.


Let us help you be the best parent you can be.

We offer a positive, practical approach to parenting

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Straightforward, realistic, and backed by the latest research
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Example One

Calm, positive parenting and conscious discipline (without timeouts, threats, spanking, or grounding)

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A focus on connection and respectful communication

Parent Coaching

Let’s Get You Started

Step One
Phone Conversation


We’ll find out if we’re a good fit during a quick phone call. If we both agree, we’ll schedule an intake appointment.

Step Two
Intake Appointment


We’ll talk for an hour and a half or two hours, so that we can gather detailed information about your situation and goals.

Step Three
Follow Up Sessions


Once we’ve agreed on your specific treatment plan, we’ll schedule regular 50-60-minute follow-up sessions.

We Know We Can Help

Parenting is hard and it doesn’t come with a manual. Like popcorn, things are constantly popping up in our daily lives to make it even more difficult. And for parents of children with special needs, the challenges can be even more daunting. 

We know how scary it can be to reach out for help, but you are not alone. We are here to listen, support, and guide you towards better parenting strategies so you can have a more loving and constructive relationship with your child.


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