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Saturday, May 13  9am – 4pm

9238 Broadview Road    Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

$350 Per attendee

Are you looking for a summer job? Do you enjoy working with children? Crash Course in Childcare from a Child Therapist could be a great opportunity for you! I have taken my decade’s worth of nannying experience and combined it with my professional clinical approach as a child therapist to create and teach the fundamentals of caretaking.

This one day Babysitting Workshop can help you understand children and what it means to be a caretaker. It will put you one step up from other possible candidates as well as give parents peace of mind knowing that you know your stuff!

Join the group to learn all about childcare, appropriate discipline, babysitting multiple children, and how to handle overwhelming situations. This will be an all day seminar with lunch provided. At the end of the day, you will leave with a Certificate of Completion to show the families you will babysit for!

Lessons in the seminar include:

Introduction To Childcare

Review the basics of childcare, and get to know Madeline.

Ways To Make It Fun

Learn about rainy day adventures, looking for mystical creatures, at-home movie theaters, building forts and more!

Developmentally Appropriate Discipline

Understand how to properly discipline depending on their developmental stage.

Fighting siblings & Multiple children

Build your childcare toolbox with techniques to stop unwanted behaviors.

keep your cool in overwhelming circumstances

Master tools to keep yourself calm so you can properly redirect their actions.

Bedtime Routines

Learn ways to communicate with parents about bedtime, and to how to maintain their bedtime routines.

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Madeline Nash, MA, LPC

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor with a background in child, adolescents, and family therapy. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Dayton, and my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marywood University.

We often ask children and adolescents to tell us what they need but they don’t always have the skills to relay that message; then we become frustrated when they act out. I help children, adolescents, and their families build the communication style that suits them in order to navigate the constant transitions of life. 

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Life, parenting, marriage -–- it all can be challenging to navigate, and none of it comes with a roadmap. The Connected Parenting Series is an opportunity for parents to learn more about themselves and how to raise the next generation, as well as seeking connection in a way that honors themselves, their family and their relationships.

Join me as I provide evidenced-based re- search in an easily digestible format that will leave parents feeling inspired, empowered and equipped to build strong bonds with themselves and their children.

This series is broken into three parts as a well rounded approach to support families in their journey of parenting. Attending all three sessions is not neccessary, although it is encouraged.

Hosted by Sarah Saunders, MA, LPCC


Session One:

Breaking Cycles

Raising your children differently than you were raised is hard  but not impossible. Sarah will help you unpack your upbring to better understand the parent you want to be.

Session Two:

Reparenting Yourself

Being the parent we want to be comes from feeling more at home in the person we are. Learn to manage your emotions and calm your nervous system to reparent yourself.

Session Three:

Real Life Strategies

Life, parenting, marriage — none of it comes with a manual or roadmap. Sarah will walk you through different strategies to apply in your life that will lead to the connection we all desire.

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