Couples Therapy

“A Successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.”

― Mignon McLaughlin


Want a Happy Marriage?


Saying “I do” is more than two words – it’s a promise to love and support your spouse unconditionally. But, once the honeymoon is over, reality sets in. Kids enter the picture, bills need paid, the house needs to be maintained… ugh… Life! Am I right? It can be a huge struggle.

Let’s be real. Any good partnership takes effort. Those that subscribe to the “marriage shouldn’t be work” mindset often get themselves in trouble. Eventually they realize that no matter how long they’ve been together, they’re still fighting about the same things and are feeling stuck, frustrated, and exhausted.


If you’ve found that your marriage isn’t what it once was, you’re not alone.


Don’t lose hope. It is possible for your marriage to improve and evolve into the kind of relationship you both want. In couple’s therapy, we will help you and your partner learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs so that you can reconnect as a couple. My role is to provide guidance and support as you work through your challenges together and decide what you want your next chapter to look like.


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Rebuilding Trust

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Creating Healthy Boundaries

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Balancing Work, Life & Family

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Extended Family Issues

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Blended Family Issues

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples Therapy

Let’s Get You Started

Step One
Phone Conversation


We’ll find out if we’re a good fit during a quick phone call. If we both agree, we’ll schedule an intake appointment.

Step Two
Intake Appointment


We’ll talk for an hour and a half or two hours, so that we can gather detailed information about your situation and goals.

Step Three
Follow Up Sessions


Once we’ve agreed on your specific treatment plan, we’ll schedule regular 50-60-minute follow-up sessions.


As you reflect on the road that led you here, my guess is that like any couple, you’ve had points where it felt like your relationship was on cruise control and other times it hit a few speed bumps and potholes. No matter how great your marriage was in the beginning, you can’t just leave it on autopilot now.

We can guide and support you as a couple, so that you can discover more about yourselves and each other. Let me help you find a new perspective and provide tools to help you get “unstuck” and refuel your relationship.

Refuel Your Relationship

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