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Written By Sarah Saunders

Counseling is for Real People, Meet the Authentic Women who Provide Care at Purposeful Growth and Wellness.

It takes about :30 seconds of talking to Sarah Saunders, founder and owner of Purposeful Growth and Wellness to feel like everyone could benefit from visiting her practice and experiencing the benefits of counseling for their personal growth and family dynamic. 

It had always been Sarah’s dream to own her own practice; one that welcomed people as their authentic selves, providing a safe and comfortable place to be heard, seen, and understood. Saunders strives to take away the stigma still often associated with mental health and self-care.

In early 2020, pre-Covid and pregnant with their third child, Sarah told her husband (Justin) she was ready to take the leap and start her own practice.  Justin was immediately on board despite some of the financial and time challenges it might provide for their growing family and encouraged Sarah to exit her current position. Saunders speaks highly about her prior practice, however, felt going off on her own was more in line with her personal and professional goals. She was also passionate about creating a practice that better supported its clinicians, in addition to her clients. “Counselors, like the people whom we counsel, have to balance family, personal growth and wellness as well as caring for their own families and that looks different for everyone” says Sarah. “I wanted a place where clinicians could come and feel they had a place to grow personally and professionally and feel safe in the choices they make as well.” Perhaps one of the best examples of this “practice what you preach” mentality is Sarah’s podcast that she started with Heather Drago, titled That’s a Hard No. The podcast about “saying no and setting boundaries,” so you can become the authentic and empowered you that this world needs.

Just one week prior to the stay-at-home order, in March 2020, Sarah purchased her first location at 9238 Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, Ohio, 44147. While under construction, Sarah worked for over a year remotely assisting clients in a makeshift office in her basement. She gave birth to her youngest son in June 2020 and in between meeting with clients via zoom, still cared for and nursed her new baby, with two toddlers at home. “It takes a village” says Saunders, as she expressed gratitude for the support of their in-home nanny during this time. Often sharing the same feelings of isolation that many felt during the pandemic, Sarah recalls that meeting with her clients and serving others was healing for her own postpartum journey and states, “I feel blessed that I get to do what I’m so passionate about, which is helping others to be their best selves”. Today the office in Broadview Heights has been remodeled to a beautiful inviting space and is open to the public.

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Summer 2021 has been eventful at Purposeful Growth and Wellness! Sarah welcomed experienced therapist/social worker, Rebekah Bryson. Bryson specializes in working with children and adolescents in her specialty and brings a different level of expertise to the practice.  

Rebekah joins Purposeful Growth and Wellness from the Cleveland Clinic. When I asked her why she made the move to private practice, she stated “Sarah and I have always been very aligned on how to treat clients; systemically.”

“It gives us, the clinician, the ability to work with clients in a way that they might need or in a way that best fits them and not in a box” says Bryson “It might be the individual child for example, the family, or maybe, parents for marriage counseling – but the course of treatment is all based on the need for the client specifically; there is no one sizes fits all.”

Sarah and Rebekah have known one another personally and professionally for years and are both very experienced, professional, kind, and driven women, but they also clearly are having a wonderful time together doing what they love. Sarah as a licensed professional clinical counselor and Rebekah as an independent social worker have over 30 years combined experience. At Purposeful Growth and Wellness, Bryson focuses more closely on working with children, adolescents, and families, whereas Sarah found her passion in helping with adult relationships, marriage counseling, maternal and post-partum in women, and helping adults especially women navigate their professional, relationship and personal growth. “It is essential for us as adults to put our own oxygen mask on first, so we can better assist and fulfil the roles and responsibilities in our daily lives. If we are not purposeful and intentional about creating healthy boundaries around our own self-care, we fall into the trap of developing or falling back into unhealthy patterns.” Together, the practice was open to in-person clients in June, 2021, which was followed by a Grand Opening on July 10, 2021 with their Broadview Heights neighbor NEXT Level Embroidery and Apparel!  Mayor Alai joined for a ribbon ceremony and to celebrate the addition of these two Broadview Heights businesses.

Why counseling for children?

As parents, we often ask ourselves when counseling is needed, “I think all children can benefit from counseling”, says Bryson”. “It’s important for them to manage their own emotions, problem solve and communicate those feelings on their own without just parents telling them.  It’s also important to seek out counseling when those things become problematic – identify problems or solutions, emotions become problematic and communicating those emotions isn’t occurring.” 

Why counseling for mothers?

Saunders explains that for many women, becoming a mom is a huge change. Regardless of where they are in their motherhood journey, becoming a new parent means a new version of you at every age and stage of your child. “I believe that you can find balance, joy and confidence in motherhood and there is room for you, too. “You wait nine months to meet someone for the first time, you think it’s your baby, but it’s actually you.” Saunders helps moms prioritize their own self-care and wellness, while offering parent education, as well as guidance and support as they process and heal any past traumas. Together, she and her clients unpack and untangle generational patterns and conditioning, as well as bring awareness to societal expectations and pressures placed on moms. 

Why counseling for couples?

Saunders provides realistic relatable strategies for everyday couples navigating everyday life issues and that it is possible for your relationship to improve and evolve into the kind of relationship both partners want. “I work with couples to improve their communication skills, rebuild trust, balance work, life and family, creating healthy boundaries, extended family issues, and intimacy issues. “In couple’s therapy, Saunders will help partners to learn how to effectively communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs so that you can reconnect as a couple. She views her role as one providing guidance and support as her clients work through challenges together and decide what they want their next chapter to look like. 

If you give Purposeful Growth and Wellness a call here is what to expect:

  • Step 1: We will have a free phone consultation to make sure Purposeful Growth and Wellness is the best fit for the care you need, and it will better help our clinicians understand you and/or your families’ needs moving forward. 
  • Step 2: We will schedule an intake appointment, which helps clinicians understand family dynamic, development concerns (if applicable) and the history of the situation or what you might be concerned about.
  • Step 3: We will come up with a treatment plan and goals for treatment as a clinician/client team to help you reach those goals.


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