Sarah Saunders, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

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Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with extensive background in marriage and family therapy. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Art Therapy from Indiana Wesleyan University, and my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Akron.

I’m a working mom of four young boys, so I know how challenging it can be to navigate a busy life and still make your mental health and your relationships a priority. Whether you’re looking to understand yourself better, overcome difficulty, or improve your relationships, I’m here to listen and help.

I help individuals, couples and families develop new perspectives, improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, clarify boundaries, and build stronger, more satisfying relationships.

I do this by approaching therapy from a systemic perspective. I use evidence-based therapy techniques and offer practical, transformational strategies that empower you to make your current and future life better.

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My Specific Areas Of Expertise Include

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I have extensive experience working with people of all ages, and in all stages of life, including children, teens, couples, and families. My areas of expertise also include, but are not limited to anxiety, motherhood, parenting, self-esteem issues, family dynamics, relationships, personal growth, healthy boundary setting, and navigating different seasons of life.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

― Aristotle


Your history explains you,
but it does not define you.

Let me help you unpack, untangle and understand your family patterns and the impact it has on your behavior. Whether you are adjusting to motherhood, navigating relationships, or trying to understanding yourself better, I am here to guide you through your growth and wellness journey.

Let’s get you closer to the life you’ve always wanted.

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We know that talk therapy isn’t for everyone, so we offer a variety of interventions to best fit your needs. The key is to focus on unlocking your personal potential and breaking the patterns that make you feel stuck. Regardless of the methods you choose, our work together will help you achieve personal growth and change.
Unock your potential.